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Providing Dental Care for All Ages

Dr. Lagier and her compassionate team invite you and your family to experience personal and effective dental care at our Monterey office. Before starting any dental treatment, we always make sure every patient is at ease. From young children to senior citizens, our dental team understands that different forms of care are required at each stage of life, and we can address all your oral health needs.

Pediatric Dental Services For Your Child’s Smile

The health of your child’s smile has a major impact on their future dental well-being. Our team strongly encourages parents to bring their kids in for their initial visit as soon as their first tooth erupts.

Healthy baby teeth contribute to strong, permanent, adult teeth. Protecting their developing smile lets children enjoy proper function and confidence well into adulthood. Bi-annual cleanings and exams are essential to help both children and parents make positive oral health decisions. Our practice continues to monitor the smile of your child as they grow, checking for any signs of potential oral health problems and proper development of their oral structure.

First Impressions

A child’s first visit can determine how they respond to dental care throughout their lifetime. Many kids have negative experiences that make them avoid the dentist when they are older. Children can even inherit dental anxiety from parents who had negative experiences themselves as children. We have over three decades of experience in treating families and children and see patients as young as two to three years of age.

Our Child-Focused Dental Care Services

We partner with parents to ensure a healthy and happy smile for a lifetime. We can administer fluoride to the teeth at risk of cavities or other problems to provide extra protection. We take care of their oral health as they grow with routine examinations and professional cleanings. We provide custom mouth-guards manufactured in-house to protect their teeth, gums, and mouth from injury if they are involved in sports.

5 Tips to Help Your Child Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Here are five tips that can instill fun into oral health care and make taking care of your smile natural and easy.

  1. Make a practice run to the dental office – allows your child to become comfortable in the environment
  2. Check some books out of the library on dental care - provide material that is interesting and entertaining to make the process enjoyable.
  3. Make sure you play up the “grown-up” status of your child - Children love to feel like they are graduating to higher levels of responsibility and taking care of their own teeth helps foster independence and self-confidence.
  4. Let your child participate in a role-changing exercise – let your child examine yours or your dentist’s teeth.
  5. Invest in a microscope - so your child gets a concrete visual of how germs look.

Types of Dental Emergencies 

Although dental injuries and dental emergencies are often distressing for both children and parents, we can help.  Approximately one-third of children have experienced some type of dental trauma, and more have experienced a dental emergency. Below are some of the most common childhood dental emergencies.

Child in dental exam chair
  • Toothache
  • Dental Avulsion (Knocked-Out Tooth)
  • Dental Intrusion (Tooth Pushed into Jawbone)
  • Tooth Displacement
  • Crown Fracture
  • Root Fracture
  • Dental Concussion
  • Injured lip or tongue
  • Fractured Jaw
  • Head Trauma

If your child is having any of the above issues or you are concerned with their oral health, please contact our office today.

Dental Care for Adults and Seniors

While children’s teeth need special care, adults have their own set of unique challenges that affect their smile. Our team is capable of tackling a variety of oral health issues, whether it’s missing teeth, gum disease, dental trauma, or persistent discoloration. For adults looking to correct aesthetic problems, we offer comprehensive treatment plans that exceeding expectations with quality customer service. By combining modern techniques and state-of-the-art technology, we strive to provide patients with the most comfortable, effective treatment.

Services for Adults and Seniors  

Your dental needs will change over time. Senior patients experience unique oral health concerns, but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy beautiful teeth and a healthy smile. We help seniors and adults achieve strong, healthy smiles by being well versed in common dental issues and the appropriate corresponding treatments. Some of our areas of focus are:

Our practice offers several restorative dental care options to improve oral health and maintain a healthy smile. Procedures we offer include:

Crowns restore treated or damaged teeth and protect them against reinfection. Patients have the choice between several materials, including highly durable gold or shade-matched, tooth-colored porcelain.

Bridges fill small gaps and replace one or two teeth using a porcelain prosthetic made to look and feel natural.

Full and partial dentures replace up to an entire arch of missing teeth using an acrylic and porcelain prosthetic that imitates the look of natural gums and teeth.

Dental Implants support prosthetics while also replacing the roots of teeth. This provides the most comprehensive restoration and allows for the preservation of the jaw bone.

Root canal therapy can be essential to save a tooth from extraction. This procedure involves eliminating decay from inside the tooth and restoring the top of the tooth with a crown.

Extraction may be necessary when a tooth or several teeth are severely compromised beyond repair or when teeth are impacted.

We help our valued patients enjoy healthy smiles by encouraging frequent dental visits and offering cost-effective options for care.

Appointments for the Whole Family

At the office of Dr. Lois Lagier, we provide compassionate care for patients of every age, from toddlers having their first appointment to senior family members in need of teeth replacement. Call our office today to see how our dental team can help. We will answer any questions, check your insurance coverage, and schedule your first visit. We love to see you smile!

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