Bad Breath?

February 11, 2014

"A common question that I get from patients is "why do I have bad breath?" Most people do not even know that they have bad breath. Halitosis or bad breath to most is an embarrassing condition that can affect anyone at any time.

It is cause by several reasons. Most common causes of bad breath are preventable and easily treated. However, certain medical conditions may also cause bad breath. Chronic halitosis may indicate an underlying medical condition and should be addressed by your dentist and medical doctor.

Foods and digestion: Odors from garlic, onions, cabbage and certain spices are absorbed in the blood stream after digestion and when the blood goes to the lungs the smell of the food is present when you exhale. Gasses from digestion may also escape through your moth and produce an odor.

Gum disease, tooth decay and abscessed teeth also are responsible for bad breath. Plaque (bacteria) and food particles left in the mouth decompose. When you exhale the odor from the decomposing food, bacteria and tooth tissue causes an offensive odor. Smoking tobacco causes an immediate effect on your breath because the chemicals and residue remain in your mouth and airways. Smoking also contributes to gum disease, a common cause of bad breath. Unexplained halitosis can also be a sign of underlying medical condition.

So if you have bad breath check with your physician and your dentist to discover the cause. Over the counter mints, strips, and rinses will only mask the problem for minutes and not eliminate your halitosis.

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